Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thumbs Up Thursday!

Hey guys!
I've got another post about items I thought deserved a big thumbs up this week. I've been feeling a bit under the weather and wasn't able to photograph all the items I wanted so there's a few less than usual. 
This is the Mally Lip Magnifier in color tulip. 
It is seriously amazing. It keeps my lips soft, and seems to make them appear plump without too much shine. It has a subtle color but overall looks best right on bare lips. It creates the softest pink
kissable lips. I received this in a birchbox and would absolutely consider picking up a few more shades because the formula is amazing. Each crayon sells for $20 and this color is perfect for a natural lip and would look awesome with a dark smoky eye. 
The next thing I'm loving this week is a set of soaps that my sister gifted me for Christmas from a local shop. 
These smell fantastic.
My favorite is the Frosted Cranberry. It's fresh and rich and when I showered it left the faintest glimmer of frosty scent and my skin was super soft. It rinsed off well and didn't feel too squeaky or too slick. These are HUGE and should last a while even using daily. I am looking forward to trying the Honey Oatmeal with cornmeal it will be useful for exfoliating. The lemon ginseng smells so fresh and it would be perfect for morning showers to invigorate the senses and wake you up. I looked up the website for information and it seems you can pick these up for $10 a piece. They make a fancy gift and definitely worth the splurge to indulge in these luxurious scented suds. Thumbs up to my sister for such a nice gift, thanks Shell!

As I said before I was hoping to add a few more but I shall talk about the other thumbs up next week. I do have a thumbs down this week. Like last week it's a product I was really hoping to love. It's actually not a complete fail, I just will have to limit use. 
I bought 3 Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector lip treatments. They look VERY nice on my lips and I had been using them all day every day for a week solid. I assumed they were going to be ultra-hydrating for my lips. WRONG. These dried my lips so bad they started to crack and burn whenever I wasn't wearing it. I've read reviews where people layered these over another product to give a slight sheen to the lip and make them look fuller. It absolutely works at making the lips look plump and full. I like that about them. I wish I didn't have to use another product to keep my lips from chapping. Perhaps if I constantly remember to apply my chap stick every night and after application I'll be ok to continue regular use. It seems like a pretty tedious lipgloss though. 

Overall I'm very pleased with the Mally lip crayon and would much rather use it instead of the Clarins, it gives almost the same effect and does not dry out my lips. 

Here's a few #TBT from my highschool prom
We decided to go in a big group of girls and guys so no one had to worry about having a date. 
Lovely ladies!

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