Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thumbs Up Thursday!

Hey there!
Today is another Thumbs Up Thursday, I've got a few products to highlight and a few other things I am just enjoying at the moment. 
This is the Beauty Protector Protect and Detangle leave in conditioning spray. It's AMAZING. I originally received a sample size in a birchbox and instantly fell in love with it. My hair is so soft, silky and smooth. It does not weigh down my hair and does not turn greasy. It says to leave in and use before styling to protect against heat damage. I usually only blow dry my hair but with this, people are always telling me my hair looks so soft. I can't stop running my fingers through it. It's got a pleasant scent too! I've tried to find the product outside of the birchbox website but no luck so I just purchased the full size from them. 
Lately I have been loving plain nonfat Greek yogurt (no particular brand) and find that when mixed with honey, peanut butter, and cinnamon makes an awesome fruit dip, especially with apples. I'm sure it's relatively healthy and has lots of protein and fiber from the fruit. It keeps me full if I eat it for breakfast and tastes more like a dessert. I also like to top mixed fruit (berries, pineapple, papaya, grapes) with the yogurt, drizzle with honey and sprinkle pecans on top. Soo good!
This candle is from Nest Fragrances, it's the Burchwood Pine Luxury Scented Candle. I got it in a Popsugar Must Have box and it is delicious. The candle infuses the whole room with the most pleasant wintery scent even when it's not burning. This photo does not do justice for the beauty of the glass itself. It has a gold leaf pattern design and I cannot wait to use the candle up and have the pretty jar to store makeup brushes or eyeliners atop my vanity. The Popsugar Must Have boxes are really great and I really enjoy the items they send.
This body cream From TokyoMilk (also received in a Popsugar box) smells fantastic. It makes my skin so soft, it applys smooth and absorbs nicely. When I wear this I do not need a perfume because it leaves me with a faint pleasant smell throughout the day. It keeps my skin supple and I like to apply it right from the shower. The jar itself is huge and cleverly designed. A really great find!
When I'm not feeling in the mood for coffee (which is rare) but still need a caffeine jolt I reach for a sugar-free energy drink. I've tried most varieties and granted they all taste a bit like the candy Smarties on crack. It's a toss up if this taste is pleasant or not. Either way a friend from work introduced to me the Monster Energy Ultra Zero. This DOES NOT taste like doped up sugary candy. It's mellow, slightly sweet, slightly tart. It reminds me of Squirt soda. It definitely has a hint of grapefruit to it and it seems like although it is still carbonated it isn't extreme fizz like most other energy drinks. This stuff could be dangerous because it doesn't feel like I'm drinking an energy drink, just seems like a refreshing beverage so I've got to be careful not to reach for one right before bed! Overall I love this and it's my go to boost of energy when coffee just won't cut it.

Moving on to the one Thumbs Down for this week.
 I was really kind of bummed out because when I got the BH Cosmetics Contour and Blush Palette it seemed like it was going to be really awesome. I loved the color and when I first applied it everything seemed great. 
Then by the end of the FIRST day wearing it, right above my jaw line a huge pimple surfaced. I don't usually have acne issues and never in that area. I did not wear foundation this day and the only thing I applied there was the brown contour color. I decided to try it a few more days and the breakouts just got worse! I stopped using it and they are starting to go away. I REALLY wanted to love this. I will continue to try the blushes to see if they will still work out but I mainly got the palette for the contour color. BOO. I'm sure not everyone will have this reaction but something in the formula causes me to breakout.

And in the spirit of tradition here's a #TBT for ya!
My dad and I, circa 1989.

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  1. The fruit dip looks so yummy! I really like apples and peanut butter, so i would probably love that dip. I am also very sorry about that palette, i hate when makeup just doesn't work for the skin.

    1. I used to eat apples with peanut butter cinnamon and raisins. Both ways are really tasty