Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thumbs Up Thursday!

Hey guys!
Today is all about what I'm giving a big thumbs up to this week. Each week I'll pick a few products that I just can't get enough of and tell about my experience with them. I'll even throw in a thumbs down or 2! 
My first thumbs up is this mascara by Tarte. It's called Lights, Camera, Flashes. I got this in a Glossybox and was stoked that it was full size (I am always looking for a good mascara). The brush is peculiar and has 2 different sides. One is supposed to deposit the formula and add volume to lashes and the other side is supposed to distribute the product and lengthen lashes. I'm not going to lie I poked myself a few times in the eye trying to figure out the correct process and almost gave this product a total THUMBS DOWN! Luckily I practiced a bit and figured out the correct way to apply and let me tell you it makes my lashes full, long, curled and glamorous!
I will definitely purchase this mascara again once it runs out.
The next thing I'm loving right now is BCBG Maxazria Bon Genre. I also received a sample of this in a glossy box and love the scent, this is the full size that I purchased from the birchbox store. Its my go to everyday scent. It's not too strong, just slightly feminine and has great staying power. It makes me feel fresh not flowery when I wear it. The bottle is a little cheesy but I wear the scent not the packaging! 
This microderm face scrub from Goldfaden MD is FANTASTIC. It makes my skin so soft, smooth, and supple. I received a full size in a Popsugar Must Have box and have since purchased a replacement from for 20% off. This scrub is pricey but does wonders for my skin. Even Ryan has started using it and I've noticed his face is soft and free of dryness and peeling that he used to have all the time. I use it once a day and finish my routine with the Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve face cream.
I also received the face cream as a sample in Birchbox and have bought the full size from sephora. There is a dramatic improvement in my skins clarity, smoothness, tone, and its helping fill in some of my wrinkles across my forehead (runs in my family). 
At night I use the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser system to remove my makeup. It also makes my skin super soft and my face feels so refreshed after using this, it's a pretty quick cleanse and easy to use with the muslin cloth. The only thing that is a thumbs down here is it does not remove the Tarte Lights Camera Flashes mascara very well. I usually have to use a quick, concentrated eye makeup remover first and then clean my face with the Liz Earle.

Thumbs Down!

I thought I'd have another great thumbs up and it's possible that it could be next week but let me introduce you to my THUMBS DOWN for this week.
This is the Urban Decay face case in Shattered. 
Ba dum tss!

I ordered it last week and was super excited when it arrived yesterday. Much to my disappointment it was not packaged properly and was a total mess when I opened the box. The clip that holds it closed is broken, the blush is "shattered" all over the case, and if you look closely at the highlight there is a fingerprint!(not my own) EW, WTF. Absolutely going to go exchange this first thing tomorrow morning. I'm sure I will love the actual product but this unboxing was a total thumbs down!
The last thumbs down for today is a halfway thumbs down.
Ryan so lovingly picked up some spray adhesive for an upcoming DIY project I'm going to work on. Unfortunately it's formulated for more serious heavy duty adhering. The project I'm working on is a little more delicate and I won't be able to use this formula for it. 
See how the spray foams and creates a thick adhesive on this newspaper? I definitely need a finer mist without a noticeable layer inbetween. Kudos and thumbs up to Ryan for being so sweet, for my project though this spray's a thumbs down. 

Here's a quick #TBT for ya,

I think we would make the most adorable tiny persons! 

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