Sunday, January 19, 2014

Forever 21 Haul!

Hey there! 
Today I'm going to show you some goodies I picked up from Forever 21. They are having a 50% off sale on everything that's already on sale! Most of the items above were in the sale section online and everything totaled just over $50 (gotta love free shipping!). Although the actual store is offering the same 50% off special it doesn't offer the same items at sale price so I definitely recommend checking out what is available online! All of the clothing items are from the Forever21+ line. This is the first time I have tried their plus size clothes. I consider myself an inbetween size and it's sometimes difficult to find clothes that fit well. Plus sizes are usually too big/awkward and the regular size, although fits, just doesn't seem right either. Not to mention I sort of have a girl crush on the Forever21+ model:
She is gorgeous. Love love love her hair and I think her body is perfect. So I decided if the clothes look good on the models they advertise it would be worth a shot to try them out for myself. 
This top wasn't on sale but it didn't break the budget and I needed one more item to push me into free shipping range. It's a soft black short sleeve shirt with a super neat zipper detail that follows the entire neckline. The whole back of the shirt is lace and feels so feminine and sexy to wear. I got this in the XL which is the smallest size offered in the plus and I love the way this shirt fits, it's loose but not baggy, it follows my curves, the zipper lays nicely on my chest and just creates a really nice silhouette.  
This is a short sleeve open front sweater. It has an all over tribal print and the tan and black colors will go well with many looks. I really like the length of this sweater, sits just below the bum and the shape is really nice. I tried it on and it is quite warm (which a sweater should be!) but in south Texas I might not be able to wear this until the fall. It was a great price though and I could not pass it up. This is also the XL but it seems a bit bigger. I could possibly try taking it in or try wearing it with a belt :) 
First can I say I am loving Tribal Print right now! The light colored jeans with the tribal embroidery are AWESOME! These I noticed weren't on sale in-store but online sale and 50%, they were a steal. They fit really well and feel great, just the right amount of give. The picture doesn't do them justice, the quality is pretty great. The pair on the left is a black denim pant with a bit of stretch in them. They are very comfortable. Both pairs are a size 14 (they offer a 12 but I am bigger on bottom so decided to try out the 14) The light colored jeans fit really well. The black with the stretch hug nicely but still seem big, I tend to have to wear a belt or keep pulling them up. I'm thinking once I wash and dry them I might not have this issue. Overall I am still highly impressed with the quality of the clothes I got and will definitely keep an eye out for more sale selections. 
I got a few things that weren't clothes but were also on sale and an additional half off. This makeup bag is super cute and a great size for anything you might need to put in it. The quality is awesome and the gold hearts are prefect. It was only $2.90! They had one that was mint green with gold hearts and I flip flopped on adding it to my cart and in the end decided I didn't really NEED 2 of the same style travel bags. Once I saw how cute and sturdy it was in person I wish I had bought the other one too! 
When I saw this set of self adhesive nails with a variety of studs I snatched it up. I figured the actual press on nails probably weren't great but I really wanted the stud kit. I've been looking up nail designs using different studs and this is prefect. The set was less than $3. When I opened this I realized it only had 12 nails, and each nail was a different size! What?! How is someone with 10 fingers supposed to actually use the nails in this kit? The adhesive seemed OK but without proper fit on ANY of my nails there was no way they would work out, I threw them away. HOWEVER the star of this kit is definitely the studs! I am so glad I bought it just for that. 
I was so excited I did this quick mani to try them out. Can't wait to play with more designs! 
The last thing I picked up for about $3 and because I LOVE studs was this phone case. It's feminine but edgy at the same time and I just love the details. It is a basic hard shell so it won't be too protective on my IPhone but I am impressed with the feel of it in my hand. 

Overall I am so glad I picked up these things and cannot believe the amazing prices on everything. The quality and details are awesome and I am "forever" in love with forever21. 

Thanks for reading!
Til next time,