About Me

Here's the dish on Trish

I'm a self proclaimed fashion/makeup/baking/interior design/coffee enthusiast.
{truth} I seldom practice any of it (except the coffee, I couldn't live without that!)
I plan to delve deeper into these subjects and one day become a blogging guru.
{truth} I often dream of being on YouTube and having a cult following of my DIY/tutorials/daily vlogs, and plan to make it happen. 

This blog is the beginning to my {hopefully} entertaining and informative adventures.

I live in Texas but definitely prefer the weather of western New York where I spent my childhood and eventually plan to return someday with my other half Ryan. 

Our days are simple but we've got big plans. Stay tuned here and soon on YouTube to laugh and smile with us along the way as we undertake this crazy adventure called life. 

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