Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Outfit of the Week

Hey there!
Today I bring you another installment of my work week outfits. Why only 3 you ask? I decided that not all of my outfits are always pulled together at 2:30am when I'm getting ready for work. If I pick my best 3 outfits each week I've got a little wiggle room for error. 
This deep cobalt blue shirt is one if my favorites from Target. It's easy to wear and the silhouette suits me well. I pair it with a gray/brown textured pant from Gap. These pants are soft and very comfortable. The shoes are slip resistant pumps from Payless. 
This was a fun outfit. I'm always delighted on the slight chance I can wear jeans to work. These jeans are from Eighty Eight Jeans and I found them on Zulily. They fit perfect and go with any outfit. This top used to be a dress that shrunk and is now too short, so I just fold under the bottom. I got it at Target along with the black sweater that has Black rhinestones on the shoulders. I get compliments on the sweater all the time. 
Here I paired a black cropped blazer from Mine Too found on Zulily with a short sleeve button up top from Nordstrom Rack. The top has a nice brown dot design and tabs on the sleeves. The pants are my trusty NYDJ that I bought from Hautelook. The necklace is from Zulily and the earrings from Forever21 (they have such cute inexpensive earrings and so far they do not irritate my ears!). I'm pretty sure this outfit would have looked nicer with the shirt tucked in and a black belt but the NYDJ come pretty high up and would not have worked out that way. 

Nothing too exciting this time, some weeks I'm so tired it's hard to get creative at all. I've also got certain criteria I have to follow for our dress code. Boo! Someday I'll have a job that let's me dress however I want! 

I should be getting my first DIY finished by the end of the week and stay tuned for Thumbs Up Thursday as well!

Thanks for reading,
Til next time