Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My ninjabread men will kick your gingerbread men right in the gumdrops!

This year I thought of getting a traditional gingerbread house kit to give the girls and I a good excuse for family bonding and mess making. Sam's Club had a pretty fancy deluxe holiday house kit and it would have been perfect. Due to my <sometimes> expensive addiction with World Market, plans changed and I just HAD to have these cute little guys

I was mostly excited to get my fingers on the ninja shaped cookie cutters. I NOW HAVE THE POWER TO TRANSFORM ANY VARIETY OF COOKIE INTO A LEAN, MEAN FIGHTING MACHINE! 

I'll give you a moment to let the magnitude of that statement sink in...

The girls thought the ninja idea was pretty nifty too :)

I believe I found it perfectly priced in the sale section for only $3!

We followed the directions exactly. The kit comes with 4 varied ninja cookie cutters (score!) a bag of cookie mix, a pouch of colored candies, and a small packet of royal icing mix. All you add is some softened butter, some water, honey and powdered sugar for the icing. It was extremely easy and the best part was decorating the ninja faces at the end. The results were exactly as pictured, I love when it works out like that!


Aren't they fierce? Just admire their stealth and *sweet* ninja skills! (HA get it?)

The box says to eat them within 24 hours, I say hogwash they are better a few days later, it allows the slight honey taste straight from the oven to mellow out and make way to the tempting spice of the gingerbread. Yum!

Happy baking during this festive holiday season!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Beginning of many...

Growing up we were always told everything was “an adventure.” Most of the time this meant my mom had no idea where we were going or lacked an organized plan for the day. The phrase “it’s an adventure” seemed to make ultra ordinary events more exciting. It seems life is “an adventure.” Often times teetering on the cliff of mundane. Few times it falters and I find myself floating in an abyss. Or perhaps it’s my over active imagination running away with me. Thanks mom!

This blog serves as an outlet for my adventures. Be warned, there are no promises of princesses, castles, fire breathing dragons or knights in shining armor here {although I sometimes like to imagine Ryan in the full suit} just everyday life. A good, old fashioned, sometimes boring life. It’s mine and I’m making it an adventure.