Friday, January 3, 2014

HUGE BHCosmetics Haul!

Hey there!
I'm excited today to bring you a collection of goodies I purchased from BHCosmetics. If you've never heard of them you must check it out. They offer tons of makeup at extremely reasonable prices and so far, everything I have tried holds up in quality and is a great value for anyone who is looking for great beauty products on a budget.
The wide variety of products covers all of your beauty needs. I was able to pick up a few lip products, some eyeshadow palettes, a face powder palette, a brush set, and an assortment of nail polishes. 
The brushes are soft and sturdy and the set comes in a dainty roll up travel pouch.  I haven't tried them yet but I am always in need of brushes and like to keep an eye out for ones that aren't outrageous expensive. 
I am really looking forward to using the 6 color contour and blush palette. Ive watched a few tutorials and it seems like this palette is a great tool for those who are contouring novices. 
The palette includes 2 blush colors, a contour color and 3 varying highlights. The contour and blushes seemed like they could have been too dark for my fair skin tone, but after watching the tutorials I realized that the colors are mellowed once applied to the skin. I am super excited to test out my skills with this palette. 
These Creme Luxe Lipsticks are gorgeous. The colors are highly pigmented and and the formula is creamy. Forever Nude is the perfect nude lip color; Red Truffle is a deep almost crimson red and would go perfect with a neutral eye; Tea Time is a sweet petal pink and could become my go to lip color for everyday looks.
This is the 6 color Eyeshadow Pro Palette. You get to customize the colors and each pan is interchangeable. Each color is coded by the formula eyeshadow it contains. 
WS stands for Warm Shimmer and the 2 colors from this category that I picked out are a light champagne color and a slightly rosier highlight. CM stands for Cool Matte. The colors and I chose are neutrals that would be great blending crease colors. MM means Metalic Matte. The color I picked is a nice plum that would be stunning used on the outer corner. The last color I chose is a Metalic Shimmer or MS. It's a burgundy shimmer that makes my blue eyes pop!
I also chose these 3 eyeshadow palettes. The one on top is the Galaxy Chic palette and has some fantastic highly pigmented shimmer colors. The palette on the left is the BH Party Girl Palette. It has a great combination of bright colors as well as neutrals. You can mix them to make a variety of day or night looks. The palette on the right is the BH San Francisco Eyeshadow and Blush Palette. The package comes with several eyeshadow colors in shimmers and mattes, blush and highlight in a small compact with a mirror, it's the perfect palette to travel because it's fits easily into bags and has everything you need in one. 
I was excited about this 10 piece Mystery Collection Nail set. It includes warm and cool shades with colors for any occasion. The color is quite opaque and only needs 2 coats to cover the nail. The price made this set an awesome value at a little over $1 a piece!
Last but certainly not least I chose 4 lip glosses. The colors I ordered were Plain Jane- a nude gloss, Classy Gal-a berry red, Copper Crush- a red with copper metalic shimmer, and Studious- a bright peony pink. 
They do not feel sticky on the lips and the color is opaque not sheer. These make the lips seem fuller and the formula is quite pleasant.

I cannot wait to try out all of these great products and plan to post swatches soon so you can see how the colors transform on skin. 
If there's something specific you'd like, a review of any of the products perhaps, comment below and I'd love to use recommendations on future posts! 

Happy weekend everyone!
Til next time,

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