Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thumbs Up Thursday!

Hey guys!
I realized some time ago that a friend and  I send selfies to each other and thumbs up are usually involved! I'm pretty sure that's why my favorites posts are labeled Thumbs Up.  I've got several fun things to share this week.
I purchased the Revealed palette by Coastal Scents in a special package that included a travel brush set, a blush palette, a kabuki brush and a black liquid eyeliner for $24.95! This palette alone retails for $19.99. I got an incredible deal and am quite pleased with all of the items I received, but the main reason for the purchase was for this palette. 
It comes with 20 shadows in mostly nude/brown/gold tones. These shades are comparable to the colors in the Urban Decay Naked palettes. I do not own any of the Urban Decay Naked palettes so I can't exactly say how the quality/texture/finish adds up. I do however feel that for $19.99 this palette is awesome. Most of the colors are very pigmented and apply smoothly. The shimmers are beautiful and it includes several mattes to blend. 
These swatches are in order from left to right. No flash or primer was used. The black is definitely not too pigmented but would work for a smokey eye. The matte cream color on the top furthest left mostly blends into my skin tone but would be great for blending or a matte brow bone color. The shimmer cream next to it is a beautiful soft highlight. None of the shimmers have glitter chunks and they all give a nice glow to the eyelid. These shadows are very versatile and this palette is going to be part of my daily routine. 
These lip glosses from BH Cosmetics are creamy, glossy, give a bit of color to the lips and come in a great variety of colors to go with any occasion. I believe I picked them up for $2.95. 
Top left: Classy Gal, top right: Plain Jane
Bottom left: Studious, bottom right: Copper Crush.
Plain Jane is an amazing nude gloss. I ware it on bare lips and pair it with dramatic smokey eyes. Copper Crush is very glam. It has a slight metalic shimmer to it. This is a great girls night out shade. Classy Gal is a bright fun color and is great for the upcoming spring and summer months. The color looks more red in the tube but it translates to a poppy pink color on my lips. Studious is that perfect petal pink for when you want a kiss if color without feeling overboard. It's still a very natural color and I find myself grabbing this one to take to work with me. These glosses keep my lips hydrated and last well without having to constantly reapply. 
This nail polish is Mint Chip from Forever21. It was on sale for $1.95 and the prospect of mint chip ice cream nails was just too cute to pass up. This is such a fun color and applys fairly well although you do need at least 3 coats to make the mint opaque. I can't wait to play with different looks using this color. I'm thinking red hearts with gold heart stud for valentines? I'll have to test it to see how it looks, but will post if that combo works out. 
Thumbs up to this restaurant that just opened recently near my work. This amazing combo of fresh fruit cocktail (papaya, strawberry, grape, blackberry, pineapple, blueberries) with plain Greek yogurt, honey drizzle, and chopped pecans is my favorite breakfast. I eat it almost every day! 
At the end of a long day I love to unwind with a hot soothing cup of chamomile tea. I found this blend by Celestial Seasoning that includes spearmint and lemongrass with natural vanilla flavor. It's called Sleepytime because the combination of these herbals should promote relaxation and help fall asleep easier. I have found I seem to sleep deeper the nights that I drink this tea before bed. Since I have been drinking it nightly I wake up easier too because I think I am getting better rest at night. Maybe it's all in my head but if it works or not I still absolutely love sitting with the piping, sweet cup of tea while my body and mind relax from the days events. I also have a mug addiction and any excuse to use one of my lovely mugs is welcome in my book. Thumbs up to the mint colored hand glazed owl mug I found on ModCloth. I think it was around $12 and was offered in a few colors. I am just infatuated with the sheer cuteness of him. 

My thumbs down this week was a product that several years ago I had given a huge thumbs up to and worked great for me. 
I first received the Makeup Forever Sens'Eyes waterproof eye makeup remover in a gift set for Christmas about 5 years ago. It was a small deluxe sample size. As soon as I used it I fell in love. It worked amazing at removing all of my eye makeup and did not irritate my eyes. At the time I did not have the funds to purchase the full size which retails for $24. Just recently I had a gift card for sephora and decided I wanted to purchase this product because I loved it so much years ago. I have no idea if their formula changed, or if my skin changed, but there were several things wrong with this remover. It does not seem to remove any of my mascara from my lashes without having to rub vigorously. I noticed the more I used this the more raw my eyes felt and the skin around my eye began to sting and turn red. I did not have this problem before and I am extremely disappointed that for some reason it just doesn't work out any more. 

My #TBT this week is from my "little" brothers graduation!
I'm 5 years his senior and he's 5 ft taller than me! This was 3 years ago or so. 

Hope you enjoyed my favorites this week, I know I did!
Thanks for stopping by!
Til next time,