Sunday, August 17, 2014

Adventure News Flash

This post has been long over due and I apologize that 5 months has gone by since my last post.
I am glad to say that although it has been a busy and hectic several months I am now into the swing of things and should be more apt to posting regularly again. So much has happened during that time and I have some very exciting news and adventures to share with you.

Where to begin.
I have switched jobs twice in that time. I was working at the Airport last time I wrote and that same month decided enough was enough with staffing and schedule changes and decided to pursue new avenues. Welcome manager position at a small franchise cake shop that shall remain anonymous. This was by far the most miserable 8 weeks I have ever spent at a job. Ridiculous owners who didn't have a clue how to run a business let alone treat people like human beings. I enjoyed the work and loved my employees but after my absurdly negative 6 week review and feeling pressured by the owners to "find something else" that's exactly what I did. Which brings us to my current manager position at a small franchise bagel shop that shall also remain anonymous.
I was instantly drawn to this idea since my entire childhood involved bagels and cream cheese for breakfast in the great state of New York and since moving to the taco state of Texas have not seen many breakfast bagels. Although I have grown fond of breakfast tacos this was definitely a throwback to my childhood and made me feel a sense of being "home" while at work. I also have a great incentive for my northern bagel-loving family members to come down to visit me ;)
The transitions between jobs has been the biggest reason I have not had time or energy to write.
The next few adventures are quite huge and exciting.
We are buying a house!
Closing on it this week and moving in by the end of September.
We have been renting the same townhome for 4+ years and have grown tired of the renting game and not being able to do anything with the house.
The new house is a major upgrade: 4 bedrooms, fireplace, large yards with huge shady oak tress, covered patio, laundry room, and huge 2 car garage. It has everything we need and want, did I mention 4 bedrooms?!?! It's a bit dated but completely livable and has potential for updates and renovations to be awesome. Perfect for DIY projects and blog posts! Since we will have an extra bedroom I will also have a space to set up a studio for makeup videos etc. That's been the main drawback of the townhome and why I haven't started the YouTube videos part of this blog adventure.
Drum roll please......................................................................................................................................
Our biggest adventure yet:
Ryan and I are expecting a beautiful bundle of joy mid December!
I am exactly 5 1/2 months along and its been overall a smooth pregnancy so far.
The worst of it just happened to coincide with the horrible bakery experience. Which speaking of cake shop the smell of THOSE cakes baking was the #1 cause of my nausea. I still feel a bit queasy if I think about it. I never actually got sick just felt nauseous everyday for a solid 4 weeks. These days I am feeling pretty good with just some body aches here and there, tired (but could be from working on my feet 50 hours a week) and being susceptible to colds it seems as I am currently battling one I picked up from recent travel to New York to visit family.
 We do not know the gender of the baby yet and have another 6 weeks to go before our next sonogram where we will hopefully be able to determine if it will be a little boy or a little girl. We do not have a strong preference one way or the other and would be thrilled with either (although I am rather fond of the idea of a baby boy).  We have chosen names for both. Olivia Ryan for a girl, and Oliver Ryan if its a boy.
We are extremely overjoyed and excited for this new chapter. New baby on the way is partly why we began the home search, although we have been talking about purchasing a home for some time. We need more space, room for a nursery, and a place to settle our little family.
There will absolutely be more posts and adventures to come.
Please let me know if there is anything specific you would be interested in me writing about.
I cannot wait to share these adventures with all of you.
Thanks for stopping by!
Till next time,
Momma T



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